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 Welcome to my little slice of heaven. 

My cloud. 

My happy place.  

For as long as I can remember,
I've dreamt of a magical, ethereal, tranquil space,
flooded with gorgeous natural light,
and soft, beautiful textures.

A space to DREAM and be INSPIRED.

And, of course, a place to
create magical images and moments with my clients.

My dream became a reality in January of 2015,
when I opened my natural light studio
in charming Deerfield Beach, Florida.

It's a safe, happy, creative place
where you can relax and enjoy your session. 

I also provide a carefully curated wardrobe
you can borrow for your session.
And, you can touch and feel the heirloom artwork
displayed throughout the studio. 

I am so blessed to work in this
inspiring space every day,

And, I want to share it with you.   

You are welcome to make an appointment to stop by
and chat more about how
we can create something magical for you
and your family to enjoy for a lifetime. 



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