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I believe in dreams.

Your dreams.

My dreams.

And, when your dreams of love and family
meet my dreams of art and inspiration, magical things happen.

My gift is capturing those dreams, telling your stories,
and creating beautiful art to enjoy for a lifetime.

To create heirloom artwork to tell your stories
for generations to come.

I take an organic approach to all my sessions,
capturing the honest beauty of your life and loves.

I am inspired to create art that conveys
real connections and emotion.

The pure, simple beauty of a newborn baby,
and all those yummy details changing far too fast.

A new mother coddling her sweet new love, just days old.
The adoring glance of a husband
admiring his pregnant wife and unborn child.

Women becoming mothers.
Men becoming fathers.
Couples becoming parents.
Families becoming larger families.
Your dreams.
Captured and preserved forever through my art.

Thank you so much for your interest
in Click. Capture. Create. Photography.
I love working together with my clients
to create beautiful, emotional, timeless photographs,
and a wonderful, simple experience
to choose the artwork you love most.

Please feel free to check out my galleries and session details.
 I would love to answer any questions, meet with you at my studio,

or begin planning your session whenever you are ready.

Thank you,

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